GM Diet – 7 Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss

There is a diet plan out there called the GM diet (or the General Motors diet) that claims to help you shed 15 pounds (6.8 kg) in a single week. The GM diet allows you to eat a new set of foods or food groups every day.

Followers of the diet assert that the method promotes weight loss and aids in burning fat more rapidly than other diets. Do you think it works, though?

Origin of General Motors Diet Plan

General Motors conceived the original GM Diet Plan, created in 1985 with the assistance of the FDA and the USDA, and put through rigorous testing at the Johns Hopkins Research Center.

It was created as a perk for staff members. The goal was to increase production by improving the health of the workers.

Employees lost an average of 5% of their body weight in the first week, which translated to increased productivity, vigor, and self-assurance in the workplace.

How Does a GM Diet Plan Help You?

  • Helps in reducing your body weight by up to 15 lbs
  • Helps in detoxifying your body
  • Helps in cleansing your system of toxic substances
  • Helps in facilitating your digestive system
  • Helps in improving your fat-burning abilities

Fruits and vegetables, which are common in the GM diet, are examples of low-calorie items that are said to contribute to the diet’s success. Another way is to consume less calories than you burn off each day, you will be creating a calorie deficit, which can aid in weight loss.

Additionally, the plan claims that many of the diet’s items are “negative-calorie foods,” or foods that give fewer calories than it takes to digest them.

Many of the foods encouraged by the diet are also good sources of fluids that not only facilitate weight loss but also lead to the detoxification of the body.

Followers also say the diet can be done more than once to help you reach your weight loss objectives, with an interval of 5-7 days suggested between each round.

How to Lose Weight in 7 Days with the GM Diet

The seven days of the GM diet are each subject to their own set of guidelines. To maintain proper hydration levels throughout the diet, it is suggested that you consume 8-12 glasses of water daily. Exercise is not essential for weight loss on this diet, although it can help. But the diet advises against working out for the first three days.

Day one

8:00 AM          1 medium apple and an orange or a few plums

10:30 AM        ½ bowl of muskmelon slices

12:30 PM        1 bowl of watermelon slices

4:00 PM          1 large mosambi or orange

6:30 PM          1 cup of pomegranate salad and muskmelon

8:30 PM          ½ cup of watermelon

Day two

8:00 AM          1 cup of only boiled potatoes

10:30 AM        ½ bowl of cucumber slices

12:30 PM        1 cup of spinach, lettuce, capsicum, and cucumber

4:00 PM          ½ cup of carrot slices and 1 glass of lemon juice with just a pinch of salt for taste

6:30 PM          1 cup of boiled green peas and broccoli

8:30 PM          1 whole cucumber

Day three

8:00 AM          ½ bowl of muskmelon slices

10:30 AM        1 cup of pear or pineapple slices

12:30 PM        1 cup of spinach, lettuce, capsicum, and cucumber

4:00 PM          ½ cup of carrot slices and 1 glass of lemon juice with just a pinch of salt for taste

6:30 PM          1 cup of boiled green peas and broccoli

8:30 PM          1 cucumber

Day four

8:00 AM          2 big bananas

10:30 AM        1 big banana

12:30 PM        Milkshake made of 2 bananas + a dash of cocoa powder + 1 glass of milk

4:00 PM          2 bananas

6:30 PM          1 banana and 1 glass of milk

8:30 PM          1 glass of milk

Day five

9:00 AM          3 tomatoes

12:30 PM        ½ cup of brown rice and sautéed veggies

4:00 PM          2 tomatoes slices

6:30 PM          1 large bowl of brown rice with 1 sliced tomato, and ½ cup of sautéed veggies

Day six

9:00 AM          1 glass of carrot juice

12:30 PM        ½ cup of veggies and ½ cup of brown rice

4:00 PM          1 cup of sliced cucumber

6:30 PM          ½ cup of veggie, ½ bowl of brown rice, and chicken/cottage cheese

Day seven

9:00 AM          1 glass of apple or orange juice

12:30 PM        ½ cup of brown rice and ½ cup of sautéed assorted veggies

4:00 PM          1 cup of few assorted berries or watermelon

6:30 PM          1 bowl of GM diet soup if still hungry

GM Soup Recipe

This soup is a staple food on the GM diet. Consuming a larger amount of it on any given day will ensure that no one goes hungry.


  • First, chop the 6 large onions and 2 green peppers. Sauté them in a pot in olive oil till they turn mild brown.
  • Then, cut the 3 medium-sized tomatoes, a bunch of celery, and one whole cabbage and add them to the pot along with half a liter of water.
  • The soup should be cooked for around an hour. The vegetables require a boil and simmer. Add some salt and black pepper over the soup before digging in.

Does GM Diet Really Work?

Adopting a very low-calorie diet could help you lose weight. Unfortunately, these diets are unhealthy and can be difficult to stick to. For those who support the GM diet, success can be attributed to the following:

  • Low-in-calories is a key factor in weight loss as that goal is determined by the difference between what you eat and what you expend. The body enters a state of negative energy balance when the caloric intake falls below expenditure. This aids with weight loss.
  • The meals recommended in this eating plan are thought to increase metabolism and keep the body in a state of constant fat burning. However, this assertion is not supported by any research.
  • This diet includes foods with a net calorie deficiency. The body burns off calories as it processes negative calorie foods. This means that you will be able to lose weight while eating normally by consuming fewer calories. Although the concept of “negative calorie foods” may sound appealing, dietitians and nutritionists do not subscribe to it.
  • In terms of detoxification, it is effective. The elimination of poisons may be aided by consuming nutritious foods and drinking enough water.
  • Fruits and vegetables in the GM diet provide dietary fiber, which is thought to stimulate bowel movement and aid digestion.

To conclude,

The General Motors diet is a rigorous, 7-day eating plan that is supposed to aid in weight loss but is really severely deficient in many essential nutrients. Be very sure before starting this crash diet. If you are unsure, consult a dietician before starting.

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