High Protein Indian Diet For Weight Loss

There’s no magic bullet. You got to eat healthy to live healthily. What’s healthier than including the power nutrient “Protein” in your diet?! Why proteins are always given so much importance is because they are the building blocks of our body. The most well-known function of protein is in the development and maintenance of muscular tissue. Still, it is capable of much more than that. Your bone health, skin, and hormones will all see improvements. Consuming adequate amounts of protein also reduces cravings for unhealthy snacks since they help you feel full for longer.

Interrelation of Amino Acids and Proteins for the Body

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Getting enough of essential amino acid is what we mean when we say our bodies require protein. Out of the 20 total amino acids, 9 are deemed “essential,” meaning they must be consumed because the human body cannot produce them. Eating a wide range of protein-rich foods will help us receive a full spectrum of amino acids.

Sources of Protein Rich Diet (vegetarian) for Weight Loss

Finding adequate protein as a vegetarian can be challenging but is certainly achievable. Vegetarians and vegans have the following choices available that are high in protein:

  • Paneer
  • Tofu / tempeh
  • Soya bean
  • Greek yogurt or hung curd (unflavored preferable)
  • Vegan protein powder like pea or hemp protein
  • Whey protein
  • Lentils or legumes like dal, channa & rajma
  • ‍Milk and curd (yogurt)
  • ‍Vegetables
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Peanuts

Sources of Protein Rich Diet (non-vegetarian) for Weight Loss

  • Lean meat
  • ‍Seafood, including fish and prawns
  • Eggs

What should be your protein target and how to get it?

‍Knowing the recommended daily intake of protein is helpful. Gaining between 0.8 and 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight each day is ideal.

In other words, if your ideal weight were 70 kilograms, you would need to consume between 55 and 70 grams of protein daily. Protein intake within this range is likewise recommended by the National Institute of Nutrition’s “Dietary Guidelines for India.” It may seem impossible for some, but it is possible to achieve similar results while adhering to a vegetarian diet.

What is so special about Indian cuisine for weight loss?

A widespread misconception is that reducing food intake can speed up weight loss. Losing weight and keeping a healthy body from the inside out depends more on proper nutrition than on any other single factor. Some traditional Indian meal combinations can aid in weight loss, dispelling the belief that just particular foods can help. Including a variety of foods in one dish will ensure that you obtain various essential nutrients at every meal.

The staples of an Indian thali include roti, a vegetable, curd, salad, and dal chawal. The duo of lentils and rice is a nutritious choice because of the ratio of carbohydrates to protein and fiber that results. In fact, the combination of dal chawal with curd and salad is an excellent source of healthful fat, protein, fiber, and other minerals.

Dal provides every single one of the required nutrients for an Indian diet. It is packed with nutrients that the body can use, including protein, vitamin, iron, calcium, carbohydrate, and fiber. When eaten with rice, it helps to stave off hunger without depriving the body of essential nutrients. Instead, rice is a great weight loss food since it is high in protein and fiber and low in carbohydrates.

High-protein Indian Dishes for weight loss

Vegetarian dishes

  • Daal Chawal
  • ‍Paneer Tikka
  • ‍Palak Paneer
  • ‍Grilled Tofu (tikka style)
  • ‍Paneer Bhurji
  • ‍Tofu Dosa
  • ‍Tofu Methi Paratha
  • ‍Capsicum and Paneer Jalfrezi‍
  • Soybean Curry‍
  • Hung curd with Fruit (as dessert)

‍Egg dishes

  • Egg masala Omelette‍
  • Egg bhurji‍
  • Egg curry‍
  • Egg dosa or Egg appam
  • ‍Egg Biryani
  • ‍Egg Frittatas
  • ‍Shakshouka

Non-vegetarian dishes

  • ‍Chicken Tikka
  • ‍Lemon Chicken
  • ‍Meat Burgers (try grilled/ baked versions instead of fried)
  • ‍Lettuce Wrap with Chicken
  • ‍Fish Curry
  • ‍Grilled Fish
  • ‍Crab Masala
  • ‍Prawn Curry
  • ‍Mutton Raan
  • ‍Panta Bhaat and Fish (Bengali dish)

Plan your Protein-rich Daily Indian Meals for Weight Loss

You can plan to eat a combination of at least two of the abovementioned sources of protein over two meals each day as part of a protein-rich diet for weight loss or for general health. Depending on your dietary needs and preferences, consider the following protein-rich meal combinations:


  • A fistful of paneer and 200 milliliters of Greek yogurt for vegetarians.
  • A fistful of whey protein in the morning for vegetarians.
  • Vegans can have two besan chillas for breakfast.
  • Two or three eggs for non-vegetarians or eggetarians.


  • A fistful serving of Tofu for vegetarians.
  • A cup of roasted soybeans or edamame for vegetarians.
  • A vegan protein powder smoothie for a midday meal for vegans.
  • Two hard-boiled eggs for non-vegetarians or eggetarians.


  • A cup of channa and a handful of paneer for vegetarians.
  • Egg fried rice for non-vegetarians or eggetarians.
  • A fistful of lean chicken breast for non-vegetarians.

Points to be noted:

Consider your current health status before deciding to up your protein intake, as doing so could exacerbate preexisting conditions such as uric acid buildup in the liver or kidneys. It is best to see a doctor first if such is the case.

If you have a thyroid condition and are considering increasing your intake of soy, talk to your doctor first (like Hypothyroidism).

Make use of the information above to incorporate more protein-rich meals into your diet regularly to facilitate weight loss. We have shown that there are many protein-rich food options for vegetarians and meat eaters. The trick is to make them a regular part of your diet by eating them with every meal. This is the healthiest way to weight loss!

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